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Measuring local environmental conditions is critical for the planning and execution of offshore operations. Miros provides real-time measurements of local sea state and weather conditions to any user, on any device, providing critical data for all relevant stakeholders.
Miros Offshore Operations

From operations involving topside oil and gas to those within offshore wind and everything in between, reliable data is essential for ensuring the safety of staff as well as the integrity of assets. Systems that monitor wave height and sea level conditions in real time enable better decisions than forecast data, providing live insights that allow operators to be better informed about weather-sensitive operations. 

The value of Miros’ solutions lies in the expansion of weather-related operating limits and the ability to operate closer to those limits. This translates into wider weather windows, enhanced performance, and increased safety.

More Than 35 Years’ Experience Empowering Offshore Operations

For more than 35 years, Miros has provided accurate, reliable ocean monitoring systems to the maritime industry with the objective of enhancing weather windows and driving operational safety in harsh offshore environments. Miros excels at measuring local environmental conditions and making the data accessible in real time, on- or offshore.

Bibby Marine Services Leverages Miros Technology

“We are creating a transparent culture around what our vessels can achieve. This enables us to answer questions about our operational limits and abilities, replacing assumptions and guesswork with data and facts”

Miros Empowers You to Run Safe and Efficient Operations at Sea:
Real-Time Data in the Palm of Your Hand

Miros is a trusted provider of reliable, real-time weather and sea state data to the offshore shipping industry. We understand that accurate data is critical to enhancing the safety, sustainability and productivity of offshore operations, and have spent 35 years delivering it to our customers across the globe. Our technology has been shown to improve operability by up to 15%.

The Challenges of Offshore

  • High operational costs
  • Time wasted waiting on weather
  • Relying on forecasts rather than real-time data
  • Increased safety risks when approaching weather-related operating limits
  • Lack of easily documented true weather conditions and their impact on performance

The Solution Miros

  • Operability improvements of up to 15%¹
  • 60-80% costs savings compared to traditional wave
  • Improved safety
  • Real-time data delivered to any device
  • Historical weather data and performance readily
    available to all stakeholders on- and offshore
  • 35 years’ expertise in measuring the ocean

Miros systems and solutions monitor weather conditions to support safe and efficient offshore operations. With more than 35 years’ experience operating within the harsh environment of the North Sea, we have expanded our global customer base to include major energy companies and vessel operators. 

Miros technology is a trusted standard in the marine industry. We endeavour to continue innovating, endowing our customers with dry, Cloud-integrated sensors and solutions. The Miros RangeFinder, for example, is the only DNV-certified product on the market for alpha-factor related wave monitoring.

Discover How Equinor Future-Proofed Their Sea State Monitoring
With Miros’ Dry, Cloud-Integrated Wave & Current Radar

Equinor’s choice of a dry, Cloud-integrated Wave & Current Radar from Miros helps them create significant operational and cost efficiencies, mitigate risk, and future-proof their approach with cutting-edge digital technology.

Miros’ Cloud-based technology for wave and current monitoring during offshore operations provides decision-making solutions ensuring everyone involved has access to real-time data, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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¹ For northern North Sea locations for planned operational periods of less than 4 hours and a design wave height of 3.5 m.

² Based on annual buoy rental costs of USD 170,000 and a 4-hour average deployment and retrieval time.

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