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Miros has spent 35 years equipping the world’s exploration & production giants with real-time weather and sea state monitoring solutions. Our dry, cutting-edge radar-based technology significantly reduces “waiting on weather”, widens weather windows, and enhances the safety of personnel.

The E & P industry operates under tough weather conditions offshore. Tools that support the widening of operational weather windows, ensure the safety of personnel, and closely track asset integrity are essential.

Miros’ expertise lies in providing accurate, real-time measurements of local environmental conditions and providing that information to all relevant stakeholders, on- or offshore. Our portfolio of dry, Cloud-integrated sensors makes the costly maintenance associated with submerged equipment a thing of the past.

Operational Decision Support

Putting the right data in the hands of decision makers at the right time is key during weather-sensitive operations. With Miros’ IoT sensors and seamless Cloud services, users gain real-time operational decision support wherever they are.

Post-Operation Processing

With Miros Cloud, all data is securely stored for quick and easy access or download. This can facilitate post-operation and incident analyses, the planning of future operations, or even long-term asset integrity assessments.

Integration with 
Third-Party Data

Miros Cloud enables easy integration with any third-party weather sensors on site, weather forecasts, tidal tables, AIS and any other relevant data sources to build a holistic decision-support system in the Cloud.

Years of Experience Working With Customers From the E & P Industry

Hundreds of customers in the E & P sector have benefited from the wider weather windows, increased performance and enhanced safety Miros’ sensors deliver. Our remote sea state sensors provide accurate data uninhibited by precipitation, sea spray or fog, with a proven track record in the harshest conditions.

Miros’ wave sensors have been certified for their accuracy by reputable certification agencies. They have been thoroughly tested against competing brands and technologies by independent third parties. In addition, the Miros RangeFinder is the only alpha-factor approved wave-monitoring instrument on the market.

Dramatically Lower Cost of Ownership

Miros’ portfolio of solutions is based on stand-alone sensors with embedded processing and browser-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for set-up and configuration. No integration or external processing is needed. Installation and commissioning is achieved by simply adding power and Internet. Miros’ sensors do not need calibration at commissioning. This makes our offerings truly plug and play.

  • With Miros’ dry sensor portfolio no equipment is submerged in water and physical maintenance is reduced to a minimum, resulting in a 60-80% cost savings compared to traditional wave buoys¹.
  • Being true IoT sensors, diagnostics, troubleshooting and SW-upgrades can be done remotely, eliminating expensive offshore trips or the need to send equipment onshore.
  • Miros’ Cloud-based technology for wave and current monitoring during offshore operations gives you decision-making solutions that provide everyone involved with access to real-time and historical data, anytime, anywhere, and to any device.

Discover How Equinor Future-Proofed Their Sea State Monitoring
With Miros’ Dry, Cloud-Integrated Wave & Current Radar

Equinor wanted to move away from the maintenance regime and risks related to deploying and recovering wave buoys with vessels. Their choice of a dry, Cloud-integrated Wave and Current Radar from Miros aids them to make significant operational and cost efficiencies, mitigate risk and future-proof operations.

Miros Oil Spill Detection System

Employing an oil spill detection system is an integral part of any oil spill contingency plan, significantly reducing the potential for both environmental impact and the cost of response operations. Miros OSD equips users with early detection and mobilisation capabilities, reducing the chance of oil being spread over vast areas and making spills easier to combat.

Petrobras Make
Record-Breaking Order

In February 2018, Brazil’s Petrobras engaged Miros in the world’s largest X-band radar-based oil spill detection and response contract to date.


OSD Systems Sold Worldwide

With 200 Miros OSD systems delivered to oil companies, ship owners and coastal agencies around the world, Miros has established itself as a global leader in the field.

Proven Efficacy in Genuine Spill Incidents

Miros OSD has been thoroughly tested in oil-in-water exercises since 2004 and has successfully guided spill response operations in genuine oil spill incidents. 

Miros RangeFinder Ex IoT

The Miros RangeFinder is now available with Atex IEC Ex certification for use in Zone 1. 

For more than 35 years, Miros has delivered accurate, reliable sea state data and oil spill detection tools to some of the world’s largest companies in the E & P industry, including the likes of  Teekay, BW Offshore, Equinor, Petrobras, Shell, BP, Aker BP, and more.

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¹Based on annual buoy rental cost of USD 170,000 and a 4-hour average deployment and retrieval time.

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