Data Feed Connector

Flexible data feed connection solutions for all ocean-related industries enabled via Miros Cloud. With Data Feed Connector customers are free to tailor their options, getting the right data at the right time to where is needed.
Miros Data Feed Connector

Many traditional measurement instruments installed offshore are only on-site-based measurements making data connection, transfer, and remote visualisation locked with proprietary equipment. Also, instrument-specific data formats can lead to inaccessible data silos making the full process extremely costly.  To ease the process, Miros has enabled its products to use the latest technologies which make data integration simple and accessible to other businesses dependent on accurate real-time measurements from a remote offshore location.

Spanning across a large spectrum, Miros offers the Data Feed Connector with continuous streaming or delivered on demand at a configurable distribution rate. Select the delivery mechanism and publishing frequency you need to meet your requirements and enhance operational efficiency and optimisation.

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Operational Advantages:

Increase visibility

Leverage seamlessly and securely remote data in the customer’s unique tools and workflows.


Configurable data

Access a configurable set of parameters at the desired frequency and update rate.

Cost-effective & sustainable

Spend less time finding the correct data. Remove the need of extra integrators to enable data transfer.

Who can benefit?

With the Data Feed Connector subscribers unlock the data access opportunity in real-time reducing costs and improving the sustainability of their operations.

Operations Teams

Planning & maintaining the offshore sites using proprietary tools where real-time data from the site is crucial

Data Science
& Met Ocean

Access data insights quickly to generate data trends, models and quality monitoring.

Weather Forecast Providers

Access accurate real-time data to improve weather forecasts.

Other external parties

Delivering solutions for weather-critical operations using Miros real-time data.

Miros Cloud external integration options:


To FTP server or client

To Microsoft Azure BlobTo AMQP client via Azure Service Bus
Time resolution
Minute, hourly avg, daily avg.Minute, hourly avg, daily avg.Minute, hourly avg, daily avg.
Feed update rate
Every X hours with configurable delayEvery X hours with configurable delayWithout delay
Parameter set

* to be resilient against site-to-cloud communication downtime

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