The Miros WaveFinder is the ultimate stand-alone sensor for motion-compensated airgap, tide, water level, draught and wave measurements. WaveFinder is a dry, radar-based sensor, measuring with millimetre accuracy (+/- 1mm) in all weather conditions. The sensor is specifically designed to be mounted on floating assets and is the only DNV GL-certified product on the market for alpha-factor related wave monitoring.

WaveFinder is a stand-alone sensor specifically designed for motion-compensated wave monitoring. The sensor provides accurate measurements undisturbed by fog, rain and water spray (unlike laser sensors). WaveFinder is also available as an IoT-based sensor, meaning that it is truly plug-and-play, only needing power and an Internet connection to give secure access to immediate, real-time data about the ocean state.

The Miros WaveFinder Offers the Following Benefits:

Operability improvements up to 15%*

Increased operational safety

Real-time data delivered to any device

Historical weather data  available to all stakeholders

How Does It Work?

WaveFinder is a microwave radar that functions by sending microwave frequency-modulated (FM) chirp signals and receiving the echo from the water surface.

The round-trip delay in signal propagation between the antenna and the water surface causes a beat-signal in the receiver. The beat frequency is then converted to an accurate distance. The distance to the surface can range from 1 to 100 meters which is superior to what competing sensors can offer.

Up to 50 measurements per second are averaged over a user-selectable averaging time. Therefore, the WaveFinder gives uniquely accurate range measurements and high long-term stability.

Bibby Marine Services Leverages Miros Technology to Run Safe, Efficient, Data-Driven Operations

“We are creating a transparent culture around what our vessels can achieve. This enables us to answer questions about our operational limits and abilities, replacing assumptions and guesswork with data and facts”

Rob Osborne, Support & Innovation Engineer, Bibby Marine Services.

What makes the WaveFinder unique?

WaveFinder measures with millimetre accuracy (+/- 1mm) in all weather conditions. Delivered with motion compensation as standard, it is the only system in the world which provides wave parameter data with sufficient accuracy to meet DNV GL’s Offshore Standard (DNV-OS-H101: Marine Operations, General).

The value of the Miros WaveFinder lies in increased situational awareness through high-accuracy and high-availability sea state data. This translates into wider weather windows, increased performance within the weather window and increased safety from accurate, real-time wave data. WaveFinder is a decision-support solution which provides all stakeholder with access to real-time data, anytime, anywhere.

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