Publication: MIROS – A Microwave Remote Sensor for the Ocean Surface (1984)

Ø. Grønlie, D.C Brodtkorb, J. Wøien; “MIROS – a Microwave Remote Sensor for the Ocean Surface”. Paper presented at Symposium and Modeling of Directional Seas, Technical University Denmark, June 1984, Symposium on Wave Breaking, Turbulent Mixing and Radio Probing of the Ocean Surface, Tohuku University, Sendai 1984 and the WMO Technical conference TECEMO, September 1984.The complete paper is also published in; Norwegian Maritime Research, No. 3, 1984. An extended abstract is published in;Y.Toba and H. Mitsuyasu; “The Ocean Surface, Turbulent Mixing and Radio Probing”, D. Riedel Publishing company, 1985.

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