Miros Terms and Conditions of Sale – Sensors & Systems

These terms and conditions of sale (the “Terms and Conditions”) apply, to unless otherwise agreed between the parties in writing, all agreements between Miros (“Miros”) and the users of Miros sensors and systems (the “Customer”). Miros means Miros AS (organisation no. 935 450 365) or its subsidiary Miros Scotland Ltd. (Company no. SC182820/VAT no. GB 30 9423 06).

1.1 Terms of delivery

All deliveries are offered Ex Works (EXW,  Incoterms 2010).

1.2 Terms of payment

Credit is agreed individually, with standard terms of payment against Miros invoice payable within 30 days of invoice date. Goods or services delivered remain the property of Miros until full payment of the total Contract price for the goods/services is received.  Late payments are subject to an interest rate of 0.75% per month.

1.3 Cancellation

Cancellation shall be given in writing and is subject to a cancellation fee according to actual incurred cost, minimum 10% of contract value, if notice is received prior to shipment or 100% of complete order after shipment.

1.4 General terms

As per Orgalime S2012, with exceptions and clarifications mentioned elsewhere in this document.

1.5 Export control

Depending on the type of camera used, the Miros Oil Spill Detection system may be subject to an export license being obtained from the Norwegian Foreign Office.

1.6 Financing solutions

For projects above USD 100 000 financing through Export Credit Norway can be offered upon request. For further information please refer to https://www.eksportkreditt.no/en/

2 Confidential Information / IPR

The Customer shall receive full ownership to the Product unless otherwise specified. All design, reproduction, and modification rights are kept by Miros. All information, including technical information on Hardware and Software, disclosed or obtained in connection with this offer, technical clarifications and delivery of equipment, shall remain the property of Miros and shall be treated as confidential information. The IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) remains Miros’ and shall not be abused in any way. This obligation extends to the end user.

3 Warranty

Warranty time is 12 months from date of delivery.

4 Installation & Commissioning

The customer is responsible for installation and cabling of the Miros Wave Radar (SM-050) and RangeFinder (SM-140) as instructed in their respective installation guides. This is a pre-requisite for sensor commissioning. Miros will, if required offer professional assistance during the installation phase for standard rates. Installation support is included in the price of the Wavex, WaveSystem and Oil Spill detection system.

For sensor commissioning and start-up, working time, travel time, transport and accommodation are chargeable at standard service rates.

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